Hello safarians! Many of you have shown immense loyalty and dedication to these incredible LIVE safari’s since the very start of safariLIVE. Many of you too, will also remember Rexon Ntimane as being one of the first expert safari guides to drive you around the extremely beautiful Djuma Private Game Reserve. Well he’s back and better than ever.

rexon head shot.jpg

“I can’t even put into word how happy I am to be back at Djuma and working with WildEarth again. Walala Wasala!” – Rexon

Rexon has been hired as an expert guide by Djuma at the Vuyatela Lodge. As an added perk for us here at WildEarth, we get to utilise his vast bush knowledge and experience. He’ll be helping us out both with tracking down our favourite safariLIVE characters as well as providing added security on our bushwalks. This is all while our usual safariLIVE tracker and guide, Heuberth is on his leave cycles.

rexon crouching.jpg

Rexon is ecstatic to be back on Djuma as well as providing a very much needed and hugely appreciated service to WildEarth!

rexon standing.jpg


Welcome back Rexon, WE are over the moon about you joining the safariLIVE family once again!