We know there must be a great many people out there who would love nothing better than to join all of you on the back of one of our vehicles. … if only they knew where to hop on. 
In the coming weeks and months we will therefore be sharing safariLIVE with more and more communities and platforms to let them know about us. This sharing can take many forms; short Facebook LIVE broadcasts, full LIVE drives on Periscope, or short recorded clips on high-traffic sites like the Mail Online or MSN. 
One of the challenges we will have to overcome is that on those other platforms it might not be immediately clear that what they are watching is safariLIVE. For that reason we have started adding some elements to the progam that will make this clear. The first ones, which many of you will already have seen, are the short ‘idents’ that we include a couple of times in each drive. Another element we will be adding is a small #safariLIVE logo in the top right corner. As we know many of you are taking screen shots we will try to find the right balance between visibility and keeping it as unobtrusive as possible. This bug will also act as an attribution of safariLIVE as the copyright owner and should therefore not be cropped off.

We are very excited about starting to share safariLIVE with so many new people and are looking forward to welcoming many new friends into the wonderful communities you have built around it.