Semi-retired pilot, and wanderer of wild spaces, Leon De Waal-Louw, is a frequent visitor to Kruger and a devoted safariLIVE viewer. He has joined us on drive for the past seven months, and found us on YouTube after an “internet stumble”.

Leon and his wife Alli own a Land Rover Shorty that features some enhancements that enable them to go off road when possible, in some of the most beautiful reserves in southern Africa. “The vehicle is fully rigged to be self contained, and I added a Land Rover Discovery auto gearbox so that my wife could enjoy driving it.”

Leon’s modified Land Rover which travels the bush. – photo credit: Leon De Waal-Louw
In the cockpit of the 4×4 enthusiast’s vehicle. – photo credit: Leon De Waal-Louw

Now that the pair have discovered safariLIVE they can go adventuring every day. “Both my wife and I love game viewing. The live cams mean you can watch out for animals whenever it suits, without having to leave the home!” Leon says they’ve been to every camp of the Kruger National Park, visited the Sabi Sand, Londolozi and Mala Mala. They’ve also been to the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park, between Botswana and South Africa, an astounding ten times!
He has started a bird list in recent months, recording the birds seen live on drive and the Djuma Dam cam. His current total is at 122 birds and counting. “A lot of credit should go to the guides, as they often excitedly point to these little, and sometimes large, wonders.” The drives have also given him and his wife the chance to see live kills, something they hadn’t experienced in all their years of bushwhacking. 
Leon has become an involved member of the WildEarth community and feels that safariLIVE is a “wonderful experience”. “It is a wonderful opportunity to experience real time wild life viewing at no cost! Thanks to WE!”
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