03 December
WE found Hosana wandering Djuma on his own. His sister and mother were nowhere to be seen. This did not seem to bother Hosana or deter him from exploring his surroundings. The quickly growing cub seemed to be practicing his tree skills as he balanced along a branch beam.


                                                             Screenshot: Gail Murphy

The Nkuhumas were found nestled amongst each other – they remained this way for the majority of the afternoon , epitomizing the term ‘Cat Nap’. Eventually as the sun sunk behind the mountains the cubs decided that sleeping was boring and started playing. This woke their moms and aunts who promptly got up and wandered down the way, leaving the cubs to energetically play.

                                                         Screenshot: Agnes Zsigo

05 December
The working week started off with all the leopards one could ask for. First, Karula was seen lying lazy in a tree – unfortunately she was in Torchwood and WE did not get the best visuals of her luxury time. Next on the list , a spectacular sighting was had. Xongile approached the Bushwalk team and climbed a tree that was no less than 20m from them. The team spent a long and peaceful time with her. It would seem that she was a little bored and very inquisitive and spent her time in the tree quizzically observing the team. To complete the trifecta, Shadow announced herself in a thicket. She looked very full as she moved swiftly through the bush, impala dangling from her mouth.

                                                         Screenshot: Gail Murphy

06 December
The lions had an early buffalo breakfast, cubs were all there and four of the Nkuhumas were snacking. They seemed very hungry and were not happy when the cubs tried to  come and get a morsel of the buffalo. The lions got a bit of a fright and dashed off, unfortunately two of the cubs were too hungry and did not follow the pride. Instead they held their own on the carcass. Later that day , a lioness seemed to be looking for the two cubs but was unsuccessful. She returned to the pride and the frustrations were running high. The  four cubs were trying to suckle but the mothers would have none of it.

                                                         Screenshot: Gail Murphy

07 December
Hosana was yet again seen on his own near the Treehouse dam area. He however did not look as pleased as he was earlier in the week. He was being bombarded by flies that would relentlessly attack no matter how furiously he would swat them. A perfect hunting opportunity was missed by Hosana when an impala strolled over to the dam and quenched its thirst.

                                                        Screebshot: Gaby Hossain

08 December
Quarantine, was highly mobile and scent marking on Cheetah Plains. He was looking terribly hungry, but at the same time WE are surprised by how big he is starting to look – even more so than usual. He finally stopped in his tracks and plopped down for a mid morning siesta. Later on in the afternoon,he suddenly gets up and starts walking to the pan and unexpectedly catches a scrub hare. For a hungry cat he played with his food for quite some time before devouring the small meal.  

                                                         Screenshot: David Eastaugh 
Cheetah! Cheetah! Cheetah! WE saw two cheetah! The brothers were on a food finding mission, moving swiftly through the thickets. They came across the pan and slowly lapped up the warm water before starting on their clearly defined mission for the day.

                                                        Screenshot: Gabi Hossain  
9 December

To top off a wonderful week of cat sightings, WE came across the beloved Nkuhumas and cubs. Thankfully all six cubs were there with the four lionesses. They had caught an impala, a little lamb- though not a big and sufficient meal, it would do for a starter.

                                                          Screenshot: Gabi Hossain