A recent addition to the safariLIVE community, Kathleen Vollo says she has loved nature and “creatures, great and small”, as far back as she can remember. “I was taught at an early age about all types of birds and how to identify them by their calls,” she says. She came across the live drives on her YouTube homepage as a suggestion.

Her current home has a large backyard, “where a bunch of critters live and birds visit”. “I guess you could say I have my own lil’ pan.”  She spends hours viewing nature around her home from her screened in porch. “I once witnessed a feral cat eat a poor squirrel. Yikes! Never saw something like that before.”

These little sightings cement her interest in the wildlife she gets to see on the other side of the globe. Her favourite sightings have been of the young of the various species, including the leopard and lion cubs and new born impala sightings.

Last year, Kathleen performed a rescue mission in her own backyard. “This past summer I was stepping on to my porch and noticed the pool water rippling. I looked and noticed a baby rabbit doing the dog paddle! I quickly got my skimmer and scooped the poor lil thing to terra firma!”

She feels that “if you enjoy animals and nature and warm welcoming people this is the place for you”.​safariLIVE and the ‘safarian’ community, gives thousands of people like Kathleen a window through which to see the world. “Thanks for allowing us to express our love of nature and I want to thank you all for showing us the wonders of South Africa.”

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