Roy and Caren are a couple from New York who have traveled the world for what they call their “safari fix”. They discovered that safariLIVE is one way to satisfy that need for adventure even when they’re home.
While researching their trip to South Africa, they came across a discussion about the broadcasts. “Someone had commented on an African safari-related Facebook page we were following that it was going to be airing for a couple of months starting that November, and we’ve been watching ever since to keep our safari fix going.”
They celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a trip to South Africa, and had a phenomenal week long experience. “Seeing the animals up close, the smells, the sounds, the light of the day and the breathtaking night sky full of stars–photos and video don’t do it justice,” says Roy. Now, until they are able to return, safariLIVE is their window into this wild world.
The pair have enjoyed many special moments on drive, animal sightings and the human interactions alike. “The one that we feel best encapsulates the show is the elephant/wild dog confrontation with Brent. If we were to introduce a new viewer we’d pull that video up – so exciting!. We watched Marc’s run-in with an elephant live as it happened, and it was a genuinely terrifying moment that reminds you that these animals are wild and that the show really is live.”
A moment that they found very touching was Scott Dyson’s tea party for Gracie, age 9. “It really shows that safariLIVE resonates with real people, including the presenters, from all over the world. It’s the special, unique, and personal moments with the presenters that is just as important. It shows that presenters are real people. And the special presentation that was done for Gracie’s passing was very moving. You just won’t get that intimacy with any other sort of programming out there.”
They recommend safariLIVE as a way to get educated about wildlife conservation. “To show the animals in a real way that would help others identify more with these animals and conservation efforts,” says Roy. “Secondly, I think our hope, when we recommend watching the show, is it will help inspire those people who ‘always wanted to…’,  to go and do those things – like travel to Africa and go on safari. To educate and show what it is really like to be there. ‘See, lions won’t jump into the car and eat you. Now go do it!’ But we know for others, watching safariLIVE can be the only way they will ever get a chance to go ‘on safari’.”

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