Tristan Dicks is the latest bushveld expert to join the safariLIVE team. Born and raised in the big city of Johannesburg South Africa, a love of the bush was instilled in him early on. His grandparents were avid bush lovers and whenever the opportunity presented itself, they would whisk a young Tristan away to the Kruger National Park with them on holiday. His grandfather, John, was made an honorary ranger and this inspired Tristan’s love and interest in the Natural world.

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Once his schooling was complete he studied a Bachelor of Commerce degree specialising in Marketing at the University of Johannesburg. During his time at university Tristan would adventure to Kenya where he spent his time raising orphaned baby elephants. It was during these times when he realised a career in the corporate world was not for him and these incredulous experiences set his guiding career in motion.

(Image Credit: Tristan Dicks)

He began his training at Singita in 2009 and spent two years there gathering valuable best experience and knowledge. In 2011 he moved on to the northern Sabi Sand and began guiding at a new favourite spot of the safariLIVE family, Chitwa Chitwa. After two years of guiding there he moved as far south as you can go to Lion Sands on the Sabi River at the start of 2013. From there his adventures took him to the UK for approximately 8 months before love of Africa called him home. His first port of call once back on African soil was Sibambili where he guided for 18 months before deciding to join the safariLIVE family.

Tristan’s favourite animal to observe and spend time with in the bush is the iconic spotted cat WE have all come to love, the leopard. He finds their mysterious and elusive lives to be one of the most interesting stories out here. Their solitary nature and fearless approach to living in the harsh African wilderness has always captivated his interest.

(Image Credit: Tristan Dicks)

WE couldn’t be happier that Tristan has decided to lean his talent and wilderness expertise to the safariLIVE crew. One of the things he is most excited about is being able to learn from the myriad of experienced wildlife experts around him. He also looks forward to spending time with some of the smaller and less appreciated, yet no less amazing, animals of the African wild. Furthermore he shares the crew’s excitement about being able to share his incredible knowledge and experience with anyone from anywhere in the world on a LIVE, interactive safari.

Welcome to the team Tristan! WE can’t wait to go on all the adventures with you!