Artist and bible study teacher, Brendan Blanchard recently joined the ranks of WE’s safarians.  “I discovered SafariLive on YouTube quite by accident. It appeared in suggestions based on my viewing preferences as I had been looking at some live wildlife cameras in various locations. I couldn’t resist having a look at it. Since then I have been a regular viewer.”

He says three things made him keep coming back. “Firstly leopards – Karula, Hosana and Xongile made an appearance. Secondly Elephants. Last but not least that most interesting and enigmatic denizen of the African bush – James Hendry!”

“Fixation” – artist: Brendan Blanchard

He recounts some of the special moments from drive fondly, and thinks his favourite would be the “very recently born elephant that Jamie came across on one of the drives in December last year”. “To see the care that the other elephants showed when he tumbled down a little embankment was just beautiful. It was a privilege to see the interaction between the members of the herd.”

Brendan would love to visit the greater Kruger National Park but wants to also see all the areas WE traverse while on the drive – Djuma, Arathusa, Chitwa Chitwa, and Cheetah Plains.

“Royal Paw” – artist: Brendan Blanchard

He has some high praise for the work WE and the safariLIVE crew does out in the bush. “The opportunity to see animals in their natural environment and to know that it is happening live, is wonderful”, he says.

“I might never get to visit the Kruger area but this is almost as good as being there. In some ways, it’s better because you can see some of the animals over a period of time. I think that safariLIVE plays an important role in heightening appreciation for the animals that we share the planet with. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the guides are infectious. Overall it is just a special privilege to come along on these drives.”

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