If weather predictions are anything to go by, WE are in for a very wet week. A huge tropical storm system has been building over the Mozambique channel and has just been classified as tropical cyclone “05S Dineo”. It is expected to make landfall over Mozambique before continuing on to the north-eastern part of South Africa.

The paths of these cyclones are notoriously difficult to predict, but some models have it passing right over the Sabi Sands. So WE had better be prepared. While wind speeds are likely to have dropped from cyclone to storm level (small mercies), if it hits, we might get 200mm of rain within 24 hours. And while the bush desperately needs water, this much, this quickly will create all kinds of havoc.

All the little drainage lines and dips will start flowing, from the Milwati to Philemon’s dip, and dams might go from empty to full overnight, roads will wash away, garages and room may flood, etc.

As always we will do our utmost to not let ‘a bit of weather’ stop our shows but there might be a point where we have to cancel or shorten a drive in order to protect people and equipment and hunker down for a bit. We are making our preparations – checking that everything is tied down, filling sand bags, stocking up on generator fuel. We’ll batten down the hatches so that the storm has a minimal effect on operations once it passes.

We are following the system closely to see how it moves and grows and will provide regular updates on drives and our social media accounts.

For more information on the forecast ahead for ‘Dineo’, and a closer look at the map below, visit Tropical Tidbits.