The evenings smell like the smoke of wood fires, the bush is slowly turning from summer greens to autumn yellows. All the while our sun moves ever faster across the sky, rising later and setting earlier. Winter is coming and with it comes a necessary time change, to make sure not a second of the most active hours of the wilderness are missed. As of 1 April 2017 WE will be starting the Sunrise Safari 30 minutes later while our Sunset Safari will be starting 30 minutes earlier. This means there will be a change to your safariLIVE viewing schedule, as WE inevitably venture into our cooler months.

Please see the timetable below with the live safari start times in your timezone:

1 April
Sunrise Safari
Start: 06:00 am
End: 09:00 am
Start: 04:00 am
End: 07:00 am
Start: 00:00 am
End: 03:00 am
31 March
Start: 21:00 pm
End: 00:00 am
Sunset Safari
Start: 15:30 pm
End: 18:30 pm
Start: 13:30 pm
End: 16:30 pm
Start: 09:30 am
End: 12:30 pm
1 April
Start: 06:30 am
End: 09:30 am


burning - James.jpg
(Image Credit: James Hendry, Djuma)