Saturday, 01 April


Another Cat-urday and the luck was on our side. First up, in the sunrise safari, we spent time catching up with the ever-gorgeous Mr Quarantine.
[Screenshot: @DianaHill15]
The sunset safari also held a spotted cat in store, and it was none other than Xongile. The royal princess was striding down the boundary, all alone, but looking healthy and beautiful as always.Unfortunately she didn’t stay with us long enough to lead us to her naughty brother or doting mother.
[Screenshot: @heygecko]
Sunday, 02 April
On a cloudy Sunday morning, WE caught up with a Royal Family member… Not Queen Karula or the cubs, but her eldest daughter Shadow. It was wonderful to see Shadow looking healthy, as she missioned and marched on a boundary patrol. Tristan was hopeful she’d lead him to her den for a check up on the cubs, but instead she disappeared into the thick, long grass.
[Screenshot: Gail Murphy]
Later that afternoon the little princess Xongile was found on the road, looking defeated and quite a bit thinner than the last time WE saw her.  Though old enough to survive for an extended period without her mother, it was difficult to see her so lost and alone and we wished her luck on her journey to find her mother.


[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Monday, 03 April
Xongile caught a terrapin! All that time spent practicing and playing with brother Hosana had paid off and while it wasn’t the easiest meal to ‘get into’ she would have been sustained until reunited with Karula.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Tuesday, 04 April
As darkness set in on the Sunset Safari, alarm calls of impalas alerted us to a lioness on Quarantine Clearings. It was a member of the Nkuhuma pride and she intent on a hunt. She was however unsuccessful in her attempts.


[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Wednesday, 05 April
Coalition mates Tinyo and Mfumo of the Birmingham Boys were caught out catnapping on Gowrie main cutline. Jamie stopped in for a catch up – it had been a while since WE last saw them – but she did leave them to make the most of their slumber hours.
[Screenshot: Lily Brown]
Brent caught up with them later that day in the hope that WE could catch them on the hunt. Instead, all WE got was a display of brotherly love and then straight back to dreamland they sank.


[Screenshot: Bobbi Donaldson]
Thursday, 06 April
Jamie braved the risk of a rainstorm and raced to Cheetah Plain to catch up with Tingana. It had to be a brief visit, but it was an entertaining one – a passing hyena was quickly warned off by a deep growl from Tingana before WE had to bid him farewell and head back to shelter.


[Screenshot: Sherrie]
Friday, 07 April
Hot in pursuit of her next meal, we spied Xongile in the dense thickets of Twin Dams drooling over a family of ducks. No leap was made but it was good to see her displaying one  
of the most important leopard hunting traits – patience.
[Screenshot: PatriciaScott]
With better luck on their side, the entire Nkuhuma pride was found in Arathusa, gorging themselves on a recent buffalo kill. It was great to catch up with the pride and their wonderful cubs, whose dirty little faces were panting hard from their morning of breakfast over-indulgence.


[Screenshot: Sherrie]