From today WE will be cat reporting differently. Instead of a weekly blog post describing each sighting, WE will be taking it to the cat’s individual facebook pages. This will give you a chance to interact with your favourite cat character in a far more intimate and immediate way.
In other words, every time a cat is seen on safariLIVE we will update the status of their facebook page, describing what WE saw, as well as adding a short video clip of the sighting. WE would love it for you to then contribute to these new cat reports by sharing thoughts and screenshots in the comments section below of that particular status update/video clip.
Below is a list of links to the official pages of our beloved cat individuals. Please Like, Follow and Share! WE look forward to all your contributions to the Cat Report…
Anderson – Male Leopard
Hosana Male Leopard
Inkanyeni Female Leopard
Karula Female Leopard
Kuchava Female Leopard
Mvula Male Leopard
Quarantine Male Leopard
Salayexe Female Leopard
Shadow Female Leopard
Sindile Male Leopard
Thamba Male Leopard
Thandi Female Leopard
Tingana Male Leopard
Vutomi Male Leopard
Xivambalana Male Leopard
Xongile Female Leopard
Birmingham Male Lions
Matimba Males
Nkuhuma Pride of Lions
Styx Pride of Lions
Tsalala Pride
Tsalala Breakaway Pride