WE want to thank YOU, our loyal and always dependable viewers for all you generous contributions to the “WE are rhinos campaign.”

So far WE have been able to raise $1,800 to help renovate and provide much needed educational equipment to the children at the Ngalave creche.

Black rhino gazes across a vast open territory

(Black rhino gazes across a vast open territory, Image credit: James Hendry)

YOUR contributions, so far, have paid for: storage shelving, a clean and hygienic surface to prepare food and snacks, a professional teacher’s desk and chair, two wonderful book cases, eight storage boxes for toys, 32 chairs for children to sit on and eight tables for children to work and play on. None of this would’ve been possible without your selfless and truly generous support!

White rhino bull grazing on fresh green grass

(White rhino bull grazing on fresh green grass, Image credit: Louise Pavid)

Yet WE have not yet been able to generate enough to purchase all the necessary equipment.

WE are still in need of a further $1,200 to meet our final goal of $3,000. This remaining amount will go to purchasing: a fridge and freezer to keep nutritional meals and snacks fresh, carpeting for the cold concrete floors, children’s mattresses and blankets for nap time, various educational supplies for writing, drawing and arts & crafts, a vegetable garden and clean drinking water as well as a teachers training course in first aid.

To raise these much needed funds WE have decided to re-open the “WE are rhinos” t-shirt campaign. WE are also setting up a PayPal account for direct donations if a t-shirt is not quite your thing. Remember that 100% of the proceeds from your t-shirt purchases and/or donations will go directly to the children that need it, and it’s all in the name of rhinos!

WE are rhinos t-shirt

To purchase a t-shirt click right here and you will be directed straight to the online store. Alternatively you can donate any amount of your choice into our PayPal account using the  email address.

Once again your dedication and support is appreciated beyond what mere words can describe! Thank YOU all for you extreme generosity and support of this campaign.