The summer sun is slowly starting to warm up the safariLIVE crew once again! Light breaks the morning horizon earlier while sun-downer stops are ending later.


As a result WE need to change up our scheduled drive times a little. From the 1st of August 2017, the sunrise safari will be starting 30 mins earlier while the sunset safari times will remain unchanged for the time being.

Sunrise over the Kenyan hills.

(A Maasai Mara sunrise, Image credit: Louise Pavid)


WE do this to ensure you are out and about when the animals are at their most active from both of our locations. WE only ever want you to experience the best of the African wilderness!


Please see the safariLIVE start times for your time zone below:





Sunrise Safari Start: 06:00am   

End: 09:00am

Start: 07:00am   

End: 10:00am

Start: 05:00am   

End: 08:00am

Start: 00:00am   

End: 03:00am

Start: 21:00pm   

End: 00:00am

Sunset Safari Start: 15:00pm

End: 18:00pm

Start: 16:00pm

End: 19:00 pm

Start: 14:00pm

End: 17:00pm

Start: 09:00am

End: 12:00pm

Start: 06:00am

End: 09:00am