WildEarth and Djuma would like to ask you [our faithful safarians] to help us, help the Ngalave creche in Hluvukani.

The creche currently accommodates 52 under 5 year olds daily. The conditions are appalling due to lack of funding. These poor children currently do not have any tables and chairs, educational toys or arts and crafts equipment, no playground equipment etc. Also, the buildings are in desperate need of repairs.

Dragon Mountain [a philanthropic foundation started by Djuma Private Game Reserve] has committed R80,000 to this urgent and worthwhile project, but between R40,000 and R50,000 is still desperately required to turn this vision into a reality.

Furthermore, as you all know, WE have refrained from showing rhinos in the Sabi Sands for some years now. This is due to the massive increase in rhino poaching and the concern that providing location data of these rhinos may assist the poachers.

So WE have decided to ask you all to buy a “WE are rhinos” T-shirt from our online store from which ALL proceeds will go towards funding the required R40,000 to R50,000. WE will then donate this to the creche in the name of the rhinos.

WE believe that showing the kids that these rhinos contribute directly to their lives is the best way to foster the realisation that rhinos are worth more to them alive than dead.

Your purchase of the “WE are rhinos Tshirt” will not only help the kids of the Ngalave creche, but also show these ambassadors of the future and the surrounding communities that rhinos are valuable to them. Thank you for all your support.