WE have always believed in a strong and healthy relationship with our viewers, based on trust and two-way feedback. That’s why WE need your help! WE are always trying to improve your daily LIVE wildlife experiences in the best ways possible. In order to do this, WE’d like to hear from you. Your thoughts and feelings about safariLIVE are hugely important to how WE decide to enhance your connection to the wilderness.

So, WE have put together a brief survey to collect some important information and data on how you, the most important part of this experience, interact with and feel about safariLIVE.

Our mission is to provide you with authentic animal action in real time, 100% free of charge and with none of those annoying ads interrupting your adventures through Africa. WE are NEVER EVER going to charge our oldest nor our newest viewers for the chance to experience Africa on their own personal guided safari experience.

But WE are interested to find out if YOU would like to become a verified digital member of safariLIVE. This enhanced service would include perks such as verified sightings lists of all your favourite mammals, birds and reptiles as well as the chance to compare your sightings lists with other safariLIVE members. Additional perks such as chats with your favourite guides and access to unique and limited edition t-shirts to mark special safariLIVE events will also be available to members. WE are also considering the option of donating a portion of these membership fees to various conservation and social initiatives to further ensure the protection of the planet’s wildest areas.

Nothing has been set in stone yet, which is why WE are asking YOU for your highly valued opinions and feedback. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your day to complete. Once completed you will receive a gift to say Thank You for your time.

WE can’t wait to hear what YOU have to say, click here now to be taken directly to the survey. Again, you are the most important part of what WE do and WE only ever want to enhance your experience of the wilderness!