On August 15 WE will once again be altering our drive times.

The summer months are quickly approaching and the sun’s wandering journey across the African sky begins earlier and ends later each day.

In order to make sure you are in the wilderness at the same time as all the wild action, the sunset safari will begin and end 30 minutes later.

Sunrise over the Maasai Mara

(Image credit: Louise Pavid)


Please see the safariLIVE drive start times for your time zone below:

Sunrise Safari Start: 06:00am

End: 09:00am

Start: 07:00am

End: 10:00am

Start: 05:00am

End: 08:00am

Start: 00:00am

End: 03:00am

Start: 21:00pm

End: 00:00am

Sunset Safari Start: 15:30pm

End: 18:30pm

Start: 16:30pm

End: 19:30 pm

Start: 14:30pm

End: 17:30pm

Start: 09:30am

End: 12:30pm

Start: 06:30am

End: 09:30am