The warm winds of summer are beginning to gently caress the African wilds. The sun arrives earlier each morning and departs later each evening. This means that WE are once again due for a time change to our scheduled LIVE safari drives. As of the 22nd of September WE will be heading out into the sunrise 30 minutes earlier. The scheduled sunset safari times will however remain the same for the time being.

(Dusky twilight of an African sunset, Image Credit: James Hendry.)

WE do this to ensure you are out and about at the optimum time for all the best animal antics. Please see the information below for sunrise safari start times in your time zone:



Sunrise Safari Start: 05:30am

End: 08:30am

Start: 06:30am

End: 09:30am

Start: 04:30am

End: 07:30am

Start: 23:30pm

End: 02:30am

Start: 20:30pm

End: 23:30pm

Sunset Safari Start: 15:30pm

End: 18:30pm

Start: 16:30pm

End: 19:30pm

Start: 14:30pm

End: 17:30pm

Start: 09:30am

End: 12:30pm

Start: 06:30am

End: 09:30am