(Investec Pack member dozes in the shade, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Djuma)

Wild dogs: Investec Pack and Sabi Sand Breakaway Pack


29 Sept

The morning began in dim confusion and chaos, as is standard practice when dealing with the wild dogs. A pack of 11 individuals was located at Vuyatela dam, there was much confusion as to who they were and where they had come from. As the sun rose so did the dogs and the hunt was on! Absolute pandemonium erupted as they chased, killed fed and bounded through the bush. The cause of the chaos, although not realised at the time, was the accidental meeting of the two packs. Dogs ran everywhere contact calling and chasing tails in confusion. Eventually they all evaporated into thin air. Later on the Investec Pack was identified as they enjoyed a relaxed afternoon in the shade, later leading to the other pack being identified as the Sabi Sand Breakaways.

(Gijima male leopard paces through the bush, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Djuma)



29 Sept

Gijima, AKA “The Ghost” has often eluded the safariLIVE cameras. Yet, out of the blue, he was spotted walking intently along MMM, crossing from Djuma into Sibambili. This is one of the first time WE were able to get a good look at this impressive male leopard. He sniffed and scent marked furiously while streams of saliva dripped from his mouth. As it turns out, he was hot on the tails of both the Ingrid Dam female as well as an old favourite Mvula. The trio had apparently been spotted earlier that day. According to reports Mvula and Gijima boxed each other round the ears a bit before they were separated. Later on, reports came through stating that Gijima had been mating with the Ingrid Dam female and Mvula just seemed to be tagging along for the company.

(Nkuhuma cub perches atop his termite mound waiting for the pride, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Djuma)

Nkuhuma Pride


01 Oct

A pitiful scene met the gaze of the safariLIVE crew as four of the older Nkuhuma cubs were found on a rainy morning. The cubs had perched themselves atop a vast termite mound and looked somewhat miserable in the damp breezy morning. Later that afternoon they were found yet again with no sign of the adults or other cubs anywhere.


02 Oct

The four lonely cubs were found atop their termite mound once again this morning. Although not raining, the cubs still looked forlorn and lonely. Later that evening however the entire pride had reunited near the Galago pan. All five lionesses, six older cubs and three tiny teddy bears lay sprawled across the dry yellow grass. One Birmingham male was also in attendance, but he kept himself well away from the protective lionesses. As darkness fell and the lions began to stir WE were able to have a look at the gaping wound on one of the lionesses. The injury has been healing well. It no longer weeps fluid and blood, skin is beginning to regrow and the lioness is still perfectly mobile with the pride.


04 Oct

Once again the Nkuhuma pride was found lazing around on a rise near Buffelshoek dam. All five adults, six little rascals and three fluffy sausages enjoyed a relaxed afternoon in the shade. Soon enough the three newest edition to the pride became bored and restless so they attacked the tails of their older cousins and pounced on numerous sticks and grass tufts. Tinyo, by far the grumpiest of the Birmingham males, was also present. Yet he snoozed peacefully behind a few bushes and only emerged once darkness fell and it was time for us to leave.


(Chile Boy keeps a wary eye out for opportunistic scavengers, Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara)

Chile Boy male lion

02 Oct

The Chile boy was found feeding off the remains of a hippo carcass. Jackals, hyena and vultures were also present on the scene, eagerly waiting for an opportunity to scavenge.

(Black Rock Pride lioness greets a myriad of tiny cubs at the den site, Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara)

Black Rock Pride


02 Oct

Two of the lionesses lay flat in the heat of the day, while their nine cubs played in close proximity.


03 Oct

WE watched as one of the lionesses led the cubs back to a zebra kill. Only two of the cubs kept up, causing WE some concern for the safety of the cubs who lagged behind.


04 Oct

All cubs were spotted in the company of dozing lionesses. They chewed on sticks then playfully stalked alongside one of the lionesses when she got up to stretch her legs.



02 Oct

A female cheetah with two recently born cubs were found by Brent.

(Malaika and her two boys gaze into the midday sun searching for anything to eat, Screenshot Credit: Lily Brown, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara)

Malaika and her two boys


03 Oct

Malaika and her two sons attempted to hunt gazelle in the midday sun but failed.


Angama Pride


03 Oct

WE watched on of the Angama cubs playfully stalking “prey” in the grass.


(A mystery lioness and her cubs are spotted through some trees, Screenshot Credit: Dorie B, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara)

Unknown Lioness and cubs


04 Oct

Jamie found a lioness with a very tiny cub not more than a few weeks old. Jamie suspects the lioness is part of the Oloololo Pride.