(Who was too sly for a pose for a decent photo…)

December 19

Although WE only caught brief glimpses of this reclusive leopard, it was enough to be able to identify him as the new male leopard that was seen mating with the Ingrid Dam female last week. He certainly did not get a warm welcome from Tinyo and Nsuko; the two Birmingham Boys stole an impala carcass from the leopard just after having killed a buffalo. Nevertheless, this mysterious newcomer certainly rounds out the cast of characters vying for territory in Djuma.

(Thandi’s bundle of joy, Screenshot Credit: Gail Murphy, safariLIVE, Djuma)

THANDI (and cub)

December 16

WE figured correctly that Thandi couldn’t resist going to back to her stashed impala carcass. As always, the new mother agiley jumped into the tree to feed on her impressive kill. Her return was quite convenient as it allowed us to follow Thandi to her newest den.

December 17

Our persistence and patience finally paid off and after days of searching WE finally locked eyes on the cub for the second time. Eager to both give Thandi and the cub space while also habituating the cub to our presence, WE watched from a great distance as the cub played. The cub seemed more comfortable with the idea of its exploration than its protective mother; as it meandered off, Thandi got visibly nervous and gave a short warning snarl that she required more space.

December 19

WE stumbled upon this increasingly sought after leopard and she was anything but flat. She was slinking through thick bush, scent marking; Shadow, her litter mate was also found in unusually close proximity, which may have initiated the need for this. In her travels she came upon a duiker and in a leopard’s opportunistic style, she pounced- missing. Then, as if the day wasn’t busy enough, Thandi bumped into six members of the Investec wild dog pack. She snarled and chased them off, making it clear that she wanted nothing to do with them.

December 20-21

Both days WE had the best views yet of the little one who seems eager to explore the world outside of the den. Of course, mom was her usual protective self as we looked on.


It’s been a slow week in the Maasai Mara with lots of sleepy felines and cats of unknown origin. When WE have action to report on, we’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop!

*Apologies for the absence of a map of the cat locations for the Maasai Mara this week The map will be resumed next week