(Thandi’s daughter playing with her mother, Photo Credit: Roshni, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 15

Thandi and her cub were lying relaxed next to a log. Thandi was trying to sleep while her cub was far more energetic. Thandi’s daughter thus leaped and jumped all over her mother, fighting with her tail and pretending to mock pounce on her multiple times. Thandi tolerated this behavior, despite looking quite tired.

Later, around sunset, the two moved off down the road, zigzagging through the bush. The cub played while following Thandi, attacking leaves and bushes while Thandi waited for her distracted daughter to catch up.. The two then disappeared into the bushes, vanishing from sight under the setting sun.

Jan 16

This morning, Thandi had a confrontation with Tingana, who moved into her territory. Thandi was quite unhappy with the other cat’s intrusion and snarled warnings at him multiple times. However, she didn’t risk a confrontation with the other cat and moved off, allowing Tingana to steal her kill. Thandi and her cub were found again early in the morning near a densite, having moved from the area to possibly get away from Tingana’s presence. The cub was energetic again, playing with Thandi’s tail while her mom tried to rest.

(Hosana alert in the bush as he spots something, Photo Credit: 30 Minute Fitness, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 16

Hosana was found in the dense bush, where he seemed alert and watching something. He suddenly went into stalk mode and stalked forward, before chasing after some squirrels. He failed to catch and watched them disappointedly from his position on the ground before stalking off. He walked for sometime before disappearing into a drainage line and emerged on the other side. There, he went flat and relaxed in the hot sun.

(Shadow calling for her cub, Photo Credit: Cody Marie, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 13

In the AM, Shadow, Thandi, and Not Barbara were all found together. Thandi and Shadow were mostly focused on each other, and Thandi ended up chasing off Shadow, leaving Not Barbara alone.

Shadow was was later found alone, having outpaced Thandi and appeared to be seeking her abandoned cub. She called for her daughter and after sometime, Not Barbara appeared. The two reunited in a very cute display before heading off down the road, walking side by side. They walked in plain sight for several minutes before wandering into the brush and vanishing from sight under the evening sun.

(Tingana eating his kill, Photo Credit: Saara, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 16

Tingana was found at a dead end road, below a weaver’s nest. He was finishing off Thandi’s hard won kill, happily eating it on the ground. He feasted for sometime before cleaning himself off. He then gradually went flat, settling it for a rest after his big meal.

(The youngest Nkuhuma lioness on the zebra carcass, Photo Credit: MorningGlory, safariLIVE, Djuma).

Jan 17

Amber Eyes, along with a younger lioness and a cub, had made a zebra kill during the night on Quarantine. They were found on the carcass in the early morning, with Amber Eyes hogging the food. She snarled at both the younger lioness and the cub when they came near her, refusing to let them feed. The cub looked a bit malnourished and in need of a meal.

Jan 18

The trio were discovered again in the same spot, still feasting on the zebra carcass. It was mostly cleaned off, leaving scraps of meat behind. Amber Eye’s foul mood appeared to have diminished and she was now letting the younger female and the cub feed in peace.



(The mysterious female with the five musketeers, Photo Credit: MaryAnn, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara).

Jan 14

The five boys were found with a mysterious female cheetah, all of them hanging out together. She repeatedly tried to slink off but they didn’t let her, which likely means she’s going into estrus. The female didn’t like this and made some complaining calls as the males kept her unwillingly with their group. However, the five boys were then distracted by a nearby family of warthogs. They went after them, chasing down and catch a baby. As they began to feed, the female made her escape and wasn’t seen again as the Five Musketeers ate.

(Miale and her son standing together, Photo Credit: Debbie, safariLIVE, Maasai Mara).

Jan 14

Miale and her son were found together, lying flat in the sun. They slept throughout the duration of the sighting, cuddling close to each other.