Earlier this month safariLIVE trailblazed new territory- new digital territory. We are proud to announce that we are now streaming on Niconico.

Since 2007 Niconico has been leading the way in video uploading and sharing in Japan. With Niconico, people can watch their favourite videos and are sure to never miss out on anything that’s gone viral. Furthermore, viewers never feel like they are watching alone, but alongside the over 23 million other Niconico registered users, as comments are overlaid directly onto the video. Not only will this immensely popular video sharing website make it easier for our viewers in Japan to join us on our daily safaris, but it has facilitated the expansion of their already impressive online community.

The beauty of the digital era is that the world is becoming more interconnected and now the wonders of the African bush can be channelled into the homes of people living in Japan, the way WildEarth does it best- live. All of us at safariLIVE hope that our new viewers on Niconico come to love our remarkable wildlife just as much as we do. Welcome aboard to the world’s largest and ever expanding safari vehicle!