As a follow up to yesterday’s blog we want to share with you some more details about what is needed to resolve the issues and how you can help make this happen.

As per the previous update we have already applied for an increase in available bandwidth and expect this to be available in about a week. On the physical front a different camera and some improvements to the microphone system and power supply are needed. We are working out the details of those to make sure we come to a system that works within the specific limitations Pete’s Pond presents. We expect to have this ready sometime next week.

Many of you have offered to help with this through donations. We truly appreciate these offers but do feel uncomfortable with accepting these without offering something in return. We have come up with another way in which you can help though, and we think you’ll like it: Pondie t-shirts and hoodies.

We’ve created three different designs that we hope you will like and are offering these for sale as a means to generate revenue to help pay for the upgrades. There are three different designs, each available as t-short or hoodie and in various colours. They can be found at:

All revenue generated from this campaign will be used for the upgrades and increased operational costs for running Pete’s Pond.

This campaign will run for a limited time only, so check it out before you miss out!