The cat characters of safariLIVE are possibly the most loved and famous wild cats in the world.

That’s why we always endeavor to make sure you are able to follow their journeys as they fight for survival in the thick of the African wild.

For the past several years the Cat Report has been delivered to you in written form providing a diarised format of each of the cats and their adventures as seen by safariLIVE. Going forward we will now be delivering you all the action in video form. This will give you a better look into their lives and provide a quick visual catch up on your favourite leopards, lions, cheetah and of course the wild dogs.


Yet, the Cat Report would seem incomplete without some written component. That’s why the incredible and talented presenters at safariLIVE will be writing a short piece to accompany each Cat Report video. These will be opinion and observation based, pondering the actions, behaviours and consequences of such for our beloved characters.

We are also offering you the opportunity to subscribe to this service. Check out the safariLIVE Facebook page, on the left you’ll see a tab called “The Cat Report” click here and submit your email address for instant access to the Cat Report as soon as it is published weekly.


We are committed to exploring ways to share the wild in unique and interesting ways. Our goal is to give you the ultimate safari experience no matter where you may be on the planet.