safariLIVE Time Change 1 May 2018

There are certain things that are inescapable, no matter where you may live in the world. One such unavoidable natural dynamic is the ever changing seasons. With the southern African sun rising later and setting earlier we are well on our way into winter. This does mean yet another adjustment to our scheduled safari [...]

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The Cat Report: 21 – 27 April

After petering out, the storm that is the Avoca males once again seems to be brewing. The three young lions were found in the south of Djuma early in the week making their boldest and biggest movement into the heart of the Birmingham males’ territory. After spending their Saturday lounging around they headed back [...]

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The Cat Report 14 – 20 April

This week has been rather quiet on the cat front especially during the first few days where it seemed as if all the cats had disappeared off the reserve. Slowly but surely, as the week progressed, more and more tracks and signs of leopard began to emerge and then once into the middle of the week we saw [...]

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safariLIVES: A New Saturday Sunset Safari Featuring Highlights From Your Favourite Characters’ Lives

No matter what is going on in your life, you draw comfort from the fact that there is safariLIVE. You know that twice a day, guides you have grown fond of, will take you on safari. During those brief hours (that never quite seem long enough) you are able to escape as you experience [...]

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New Beginnings: My Experience As A New safariLIVE Crew Member

My first view of one of the safariLIVE cars as my father and I draw closer to Djuma Research Camp (DRC.) My name is Luke MacDonald. I’m standing on a dust road looking at a small carved wooden sign that reads, Djuma 2.5km. It’s taken me about 10 hours to get here [...]

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The Cat Report: 07 – 13 April

The leopard drama of the northern Sabi Sand continued this week with some interesting behaviour on both the male and female fronts. Xidulu has been trying to mate with Hukumuri in the west. Thandi is still sporting an open wound but roamed freely across Djuma - moving back into the north western areas for [...]

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Cat Report 31 March – 6 April – April Fools

With Autumn drawing to a close darkness shrouds the cooling evenings in Djuma. The roar of the lion, as the name implies, has not been heard for some time, with both the Birmingham Boys and the Avoca males attending to business elsewhere. The Nkuhuma Pride, however, moved into Djuma from the west. The prides numbers still remain one [...]

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WildEarth’s first ever LIVE scuba dive from the Caribbean Sea – 3rd April – Dont miss out

Don’t miss out on the launch of WildEarth’s Kickstarter campaign for diveLIVE and help pioneer this new experience from the start. In order to celebrate the launch of this new adventure we will be broadcasting our first LIVE and INTERACTIVE scuba dive on Tuesday 3 April straight from Grand Cayman in the Caribbean and [...]

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