No matter what is going on in your life, you draw comfort from the fact that there is safariLIVE. You know that twice a day, guides you have grown fond of, will take you on safari. During those brief hours (that never quite seem long enough) you are able to escape as you experience the fauna and flora of the lowveld in South Africa and the vast savannah of the Maasai Mara.

You know what to expect from the journey but also feel a strong sense of expectation and anticipation. Although you know that you don’t always experience happy things on safari, this is your happy place.

You are treated to all manner of plants and animals who have become so much more that their species’ names to you. When you see a lion, you’re happy that it’s a lion but even more thrilled to find out that it’s Amber Eyes of the Nkuhumas. And when you are treated to the sighting of a leopard on a kill, you are overjoyed to recognise Hosana. There’s also that bittersweet twinge of pride you feel in your heart when you think of how well he is doing despite his mother’s demise early in his life.

These characters have become a significant part of your life and you find yourself deeply invested in their day-to-day lives. But sometimes you seldom have time to watch all six hours every day and you miss the animals terribly. Perhaps you are frustrated when updates of your favourite characters are hard to come by.

The safariLIVE team recognises and values what our characters mean to you. The team has been hard at work brainstorming how to keep you updated on all the important and exciting happenings in your favourite characters’ lives.

So we present you: safariLIVES.

From Saturday, April 21, our new series features catch ups and highlights of your favourite characters from the Sabi Sand and the Maasai Mara. The two-hour show, starting at 4pm CAT will be a combination of the best elements from our TV and internet show structures. The live safari (streamed on our regular viewing platforms) will be punctuated with catch up clips from the week to bring you up to speed with your favourite characters.

Your Saturday sunset safaris might have become shorter, but they have also become sweeter. In short, you now have a new reason to look forward to the weekend.