Don’t miss out on the launch of WildEarth’s Kickstarter campaign for diveLIVE and help pioneer this new experience from the start.

In order to celebrate the launch of this new adventure we will be broadcasting our first LIVE and INTERACTIVE scuba dive on Tuesday 3 April straight from Grand Cayman in the Caribbean and it will be hosted by none other than WildEarth CEO and co-founder Graham Wallington. With the assistance of Jeandre Gerding on camera and Alex Voznesensky  on tech support, diveLIVE is set to create an underwater experience like no other.

Join the diveLIVE community on Facebook and send through your questions in the comments section on the live broadcast and get them answered by Graham from under the water in Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman is located in the clear and inviting waters of the north west Caribbean sea. The location is renowned for incredible steep wall dives, erie shipwrecks and mind blowing coral reef ecosystems. With unmatched underwater visibility, regular visits from spotted eagle rays, sea turtles and all your other favourite marine animals there is sure to be a visual feast for diveLIVE’s audience no matter where in the world you are!  

Keep your eyes out for the link to the kickstarter campaign so you can be the first to jump onboard this incredible journey.

The LIVE scuba dive is Starting immediately after safariLIVE’s Sunset Safari on 3 April. Please see start times for your time zone below:

CAT: 18:30

UK: 17:30

EDT: 12:30

PDT: 09:30