Victory has been snatched from our dedicated Grand Cayman team as yet more technical gremlins endeavour to wield their mischief on our underwater gear.

For those who got to watch last night’s dive, you would have experienced a rather abrupt end to it after Pat lost comms. Well, what was really happening behind the scenes is that the equipment housing on the camera operator’s back suddenly started flooding again. The team had to abort the dive summarily! In the process a critical key piece of equipment in the housing the audio de-embedder was damaged. This means that the presenter and cam op will not be able to hear the surface narrator and dives cannot proceed for the time being. Instead of trying to fix this housing, which keeps giving us grief, we are going to pause dives today, tomorrow and the next day and get a new one … a fancy one with a vacuum test that we can use to verify that it’s 100% sealed before we go into the water. We’re sorry about this new snag holding up the works just when we thought we were good to go, but we are confident the new housing, a new de-embedder and a bit of Alex’s magic will get those mischievous gremlins packing their bags!