WE have some very exciting news folks. From tomorrow (17th May) we will be doubling our traversing here in the Northern Sabi Sands.

safariLIVE will now be able to broadcast LIVE to you from Torchwood as well as Djuma [Western Gowrie] and Chitwa Chitwa.

Torchwood is found to the east of Western Gowrie and is 1250 hectares [3,500 acres]  in size. There are no commercial lodges found on this property but Djuma and Cheetah Plains guides and guests traverse there. The property is owned by private individual landowners.

(Image Credit: James Hendry)

The best thing about adding Torchwood to the land that we can traverse and broadcast from is that we will be able to spend more time with some of our favourite characters.

Familiar favourites to safariLIVE, like Quarantine the male leopard. This prince of the east is the son of the late, great Karula. Affectionately known as “The Poser,” this stunning cat will hopefully be gracing us with his presence once more.

(Image Credit: Brent Leo-Smith)

Torchwood is at the centre of Thandi’s territory and a place were she spends much of her time. Hopefully we will be able to see her more often and watch Tlalamba as she grows up.

Inkanyeni also spends a fair amount of time on Torchwood. Getting to know this special female leopard better is an exciting prospect. She is the daughter of the Beacon Female and was born in 2006.

(Image Credit: Louise Pavid)

A new pride of lion which we can hopefully get to know is the Torchwood Pride. This new pride to safariLIVE consists of five lionesses and nine subadults full of boundless feline energy.

As Torchwood is a brand new property for us we may not be able to get full signal coverage to begin with, but please be patient as we work to get 100% LIVE coverage as soon as possible.