safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – Hukumuri

Every storyline needs an antagonist. Without a ‘villain’, a story doesn’t have much to fight against. A memorable antagonist makes the story itself even more memorable by their mere presence, making us root for the hero’s tale because they are fighting harder against this obstacle. This has been seen time and again through various [...]

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safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – The continued evolution of safariLIVE storytelling

Many of you, as long-time viewers of safariLIVE on the internet and TV will have noted how the storytelling on TV has evolved. Something we've learned over the years is that TV and internet remain very different 'beasts' which people watch in different ways and with different intent and intensity. To adapt to this [...]

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Creature Feature: March of the Ants

Ants. The word ‘ants’ instantly conjures the images of a small creature, barely noticeable as more than a dot to our perceptions. Individually, these dots barely amount to anything for the human experience. Sometimes, we catch glimpses of them, going about their tiny lives but we don’t pay them a second thought beyond a [...]

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safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – Rehearsals round 3

We are just days away from bringing the gauntlet of the African wild to TV screens across the United States. The safariLIVE crew are champing at the bit to bring you all the weird and wild animal action the bush has to offer.As with anything however, practice makes perfect and we only ever want to [...]

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Help WildEarth get rural African schools online

WildEarth, Djuma Game Reserve and Conservation South Africa recently worked together to install high speed Internet access at Hananani Primary School in the rural town of Dixie just outside the Sabi Sand wildlife reserve in South Africa. Along with the many educational benefits this has brought to the students, they are also [...]

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safariLIVE: The Gauntlet – Rehearsals round 2

With little over a week left until safariLIVE:The Gauntlet kicks off we’re in the throws of getting everything picture perfect and TV ready. This does mean another round of weekend rehearsals for the safariLIVE crew. This will have an impact on the Sunrise Safaris on both 21 and 22 July. As with rehearsals in [...]

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Camp after dark

The darkness brings forth a sort of primal fear in humans. When the sun goes down, the world seems to change. We, as a species, are creatures of the day and being active at night makes us fundamentally uneasy. Familiar environments become threatening and this is amplified tenfold in safariLIVE’s camp in the Maasai [...]

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The Cat Report: 8 – 14 July

The week kicked off with a once in a blue moon sighting featuring no less than six of our Djuma cat characters. On a chilly Sunday morning, after a long night listening to the Avoca lions roar, we set out in the hope of finding them. As the darkness gave way to overcast skies [...]

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Dragons of the ocean

Although I am sitting here in the warm tropics of the Caymans, today I want to take you all back to my currently freezing home region to talk about my favourite marine creature, the leafy seadragon (Phycodurus eques, or ‘leafies’, as we call them back home). They are one of the three species of [...]

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