The safariLIVE Search and ID initiative has given the team a few hiccups over the past few days. Thelma the thermal drone doesn’t seem all that interested in communicating with her trusty steed Jigga or her French Gabonese drone pilot, Sebastien.  

As a result, Thelma is in need of a good talking to and a few more tests. Unfortunately this does mean that  for the next few days we will be practicing so that we can get this right and make sure we deliver only quality in our safaris. In order to ensure this new and exciting addition to safariLIVE is working perfectly we will still be sending out an early morning team to fly, find and ID animal heat signatures, should we stumble upon something unique and exciting we will definitely be broadcasting this live to our Facebook page, keep an eye out for those LIVE notifications.

As a trade off however, it does also mean that from tomorrow, 5 July, the sunrise safari will only be two hours in duration and will start an hour later. Please note that this is a TEMPORARY adjustment to the safariLIVE schedule. As soon as the thermal kinks have been worked out our guides will be back on air for the full duration of the sunrise broadcasts armed with thermal Thelma the drone as well as the FLIR thermal camera.

We apologise for the sudden change in the scheduled broadcast. Please see the sunrise safari start times for your time zone below:

Sunrise Safari Start: 06:30
End: 08:30
Start: 00:30
End: 02:30
Start: 21:30
End: 23:30
Start: 05:30
End: 07:30