Long live the the Duke of Djuma. Tingana is one of the most famous characters of the Sabi Sands, having reigned over it successfully for the last four years. Since that time, he has fostered relationships with the females of the area, successfully courting several and siring numerous cubs. His territory stretches across eastern Djuma and Chitwa Chitwa, giving him an enormous range to lord over his Dukedom. For a long time, he has been the top cat, fighting off rivals and intruders.

But nothing lasts forever and today, in 2018, Tingana is getting old. At 13 years, he’s quite elderly for a leopard and although he still claims some dominance over the regions, it is clear his territory has shrunk. But he’s hardly out of the count yet. Although he was sick for sometime, giving Hukumuri the gap needed to move in, he has since recovered and reclaimed his territory, Hukumuri disappearing as soon as he arrived. Even in his old age, Tingana is formidable, he has reigned for several years and despite being past his prime, the younger males give him a wide berth.

Still, he is getting on in years and that leaves him vulnerable to losing his dukedom to a rival male. But even if Tingana loses his crown to another, he will leave an astounding legacy behind. Tingana will surely be remembered by the next generation of leopards he has fathered over the years. Time will tell what exactly happens but Tingana’s time will always be remembered and appreciated for what he accomplished.

Of course, nature has shown to be unpredictable and the results may go in a completely different direction. Tingana may lose his crown but he could also reclaim it. We can only speculate and wait with baited breath for the conclusion to come forth. Yet Tingana’s reign, whenever its ending comes, will have left its mark on Djuma.