Our TV season of “safariLIVE: The Gauntlet” has come to a close and, with the first signs of Spring on the way, we welcome back our weekly character catch-ups with “safariLIVES”.

Every Sunday’s sunset safari will be dedicated to a recap with our favourite characters, LIVE from the Sabi Sands and The Mara Triangle. The royal leopards of Djuma, the intricate dynamics of The North Clan and, of course, the roaring antics of The Nkuhuma and Sausage Tree Prides, to name a few.

The times for Sunday sunset safari are as follows:

Sunday Start: 16:00pm
End: 18:00pm
Start: 17:00pm
End: 19:00pm
Start: 15:00pm
End: 17:00pm
Start: 10:00am
End: 12:00pm
Start: 07:00am
End: 09:00am

Featured image by: James Hendry