This October marks a month of change for safariLIVE and it is truly an exciting time for us all.

As of 21 October we will officially be broadcasting our LIVE and interactive safari experience to South African audiences for the first time on LIVE television! WildEarth comprises of mostly African born and raised staff meaning we are over the moon to finally share the wild with the people who share our beautiful continent with us!

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) will be airing safariLIVE from 18:30 to 19:30 CAT from Sunday the 21 October for 13 weeks of intense wildlife action. The best part is all of our current viewers will be able to tag along for the ride!

The SABC is South Africa’s main state broadcaster specifically, we will be broadcasting on SABC 3 or channel 3 as it is known in SA. Marred by the upsetting history of South Africa, the SABC has grown with the nation, their mandate states that free, fair, unbiased and quality programming should be accessible by all and WildEarth is honored to form a part of that legacy.

There are many of you now who are probably thinking ‘That’s great, but how will it affect us?’ Well there will be a few schedule changes, but do not worry! You won’t be missing out on any of the safari action and here’s why:

Firstly, our broadcasts to the SABC will be on Sunday evenings meaning our weekly safariLIVES shows will need a new home. Starting on Monday 22 October, safariLIVES will move to its new home, beginning at the start of the Sunset Safari and will last for the usual two hour duration.

And secondly, the Sunday Sunset Safaris will be broken up into two parts, however, you will all be getting an extra 30 minutes added to your Sunday adventures in Africa. The first 2 hours of the Sunset Safari will be safariLIVE as usual, we will then be off-air for 30 minutes before coming back online for the 1 hour long SABC broadcast at 18:30 CAT. These broadcasts will of course be streamed to the safariLIVE YouTube channel so not a second of the adventure need be missed.

Keep an eye out on the safariLIVE Facebook page as well as our website for more schedule updates. We are unbelievably excited to share this momentous news with you all. We cannot wait to share safariLIVE with South Africans across the nation and have them all jump aboard with us on the largest game drive vehicle in the world.