The thermal drone is back in action!

During this week we will be scanning the darkest hours of the night for the thermal signatures of your favourite cat characters, as well as any other interesting nocturnal creatures.

As many of you know, our thermal technology allows us to observe nature in its most secretive of hours, while also allowing insight into some of the more elusive creatures without disturbing their natural behaviour in any way. Our thermal drone tests do however mean a slight change in schedule for this week, affecting both the Sunrise Safari on Tuesday 11 December and the Sunset Safari on Friday 14 December.

On Tuesday 11 December just before sunrise, we will be going out an hour earlier than usual. Should our thermal drone find anything interesting we will be going LIVE to an unscheduled broadcast on our Facebook page. For the Sunset Safari on Friday 14 December, the show will begin an hour later than normally scheduled, after two hours of live safari action the show will close but we will stay out for an extra hour searching the wilderness for any interesting heat signatures. If we find something awesome, this too will will go LIVE as an unscheduled broadcast to our Facebook page.

We can’t wait to explore the night once again and have you all along for the ride. Please see the safariLIVE schedule changes for your time zone below: