With the first-ever WildEarth Expedition behind us and a roaring success, it is time to start preparing for future expeditions to make sure many other wildlife enthusiasts can also enjoy this unique safariLIVE experience.

If you are not sure what a ‘WildEarth Expedition’ is: It is a unique opportunity for our viewers to visit Djuma (other locations might be added in future) as a guest of safariLIVE. In addition to a stellar safari experience, you will get to meet some of the presenters and crew, as well as some of your favourite animal characters. For more detailed info about what an Expedition could look like, have a look at member4.mystagingwebsite.com/expeditions/ or watch this video.

We are, of course, aware that the cost of such an Expedition is not trivial and might seem out of reach for many, at least without saving up for it. Therefore, to make it possible for more of our dedicated viewers to join a future Expeditions, we are trying to find ways in which we could help.

Before we open up bookings for the next expedition (soon…), we would like to get your feedback and see what might be possible. And, also, to get a better feel for how many of you might want to come to Africa if financial challenges could be resolved in some way, so we can start making plans further into the future.

Help us with this by completing a short survey here.

As a ‘Thank you!’ for completing the survey (which will take less than 5 minutes), we want to invite you to join an exclusive online ‘town hall’ session with Graham Wallington. He will talk about WildEarth, the Expeditions, future plans, and much more, he will also answer questions from the audience. Should you want to participate in this, please enter your email address on the last part of the survey so we can let you know when this will happen and how to access this live event.

The survey closes at 22:00 ET on Monday, March 4th, so don’t delay. We look forward to your feedback!