You may have noticed that we are a member short at Djuma of late. That is because our trusty thermal “eye in the sky” took a bit of a dive a few weeks ago. As a result, our thermal drone has been admitted to the drone hospital for repairs. Once all of her casts are off and her stitches out, she will be back and buzzing through the night air in search of all our favourite cat characters in the Sabi Sand.
Until then however there will be a slight adjustment to our sunrise safari broadcast times. We will be shifting the start of the sunrise drive an hour later than currently scheduled to afford our naturalist and camera operator teams a little more light to work with. This change only applies to the sunrise drives, the sunset safaris will remain in their current time slots.
Please see the sunrise safari start times for your time zone below:
Sunrise Safari Start: 06:00

End: 09:00

Start: 05:00

End: 08:00

Start: 00:00

End: 03:00

Start: 21:00

End: 00:00

Featured image credit: James Hendry