With a little less than a week left before our live broadcasting to CGTN begins, we are hard at work making sure everything is picture-perfect. We cannot express how excited we are to begin a new wild adventure with the Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN). The series titled ‘Wild Wonderland’ will consist of a week’s worth of broadcasts, one hour during sunrise and one hour during sunset as well as a host of unscheduled broadcasts in between of any and all animal action, from hunts and crossings, to fights and tender moments.

All of the broadcasts for this week will only be available on the following CGTN platforms:

Facebook: CGTN and CGTN Africa

Twitter: @CGTNOfficial and @cgtnafrica

YouTube: CGTN and CGTN Africa

Sina Weibo: CGTN

Please note, these are the only platforms the live broadcasts and unscheduled broadcasts will be available, they will not be available on any of the usual safariLIVE or WildEarth Platforms.

We will also be doing a few off-air rehearsals to ensure that everything is TV ready. These rehearsals will be during sunrise on Friday 19 July and both the sunrise and sunset on Sunday 21 July. This means that the Sunrise Safari on Friday 19 July will be cancelled as well as the Sunrise and Sunset Safaris on Sunday 21 July.

Our live broadcasting will resume on the morning of Monday 22 July as the first of 14 highly anticipated live episodes of Wild Wonderland, available on all of the above mentioned CGTN platforms. The grand finale of Wild Wonderland will conclude on the afternoon of Sunday 28 July. After this we will also be taking a brief production break from 29 July until 2 August to give the crew time to travel home and have a much needed rest. The usual safariLIVE drives will pick up and continue from the Sunrise Safari on 3 August.

We can’t wait to bring the magic and might of Africa to a whole new audience in China as well as having you all join us for the adventure. Be sure to check out Wild Wonderland, starting next week!

Please check the CGTN Wild Wonderland broadcast schedule for your time zone below:

Wild Wonderland Broadcast Schedule from 22 – 28 July





Start: 07:00

End: 08:00

Start: 08:00

End: 09:00

Start: 06:00

End: 07:00

Start: 01:00

End: 02:00

Start: 22:00

End: 23:00



Start: 16:00

End: 17:00

Start: 17:00

End: 18:00

Start: 15:00

End: 16:00

Start: 10:00

End: 11:00

Start: 07:00

End: 08:00

Featured image credit: James Hendry