After 55 awesome episodes of safariLIVES we will unfortunately be saying goodbye to the weekly catch-up show at the end of episode 56 on Monday the 8th of July. Due to recent changes in the company structure and the sad loss of 12 of WildEarth’s amazing guides, camera operators, editors and directors, we unfortunately will not be able to continue with the weekly catch-up show.

safariLIVES has been one of our favourite shows to produce on a weekly basis; it gave us all a chance to catch up on anything we may have missed during the week. Most importantly, it pieced together the nuances of our characters’ lives in a way that not only showcased their behaviour in the wild but also their own individual trials, triumphs and personalities.

Although we are all sad to say goodbye to safariLIVES, it does end on a happy note, with the return of David Githu, ‘Big’ James Murethi and Peter Bungei to the Mara. We will also be taking a look at The Great Migration of East Africa as well as all the excitement this year’s migration will have in store.

Going forward, all Monday Sunset Safaris will return to the usual three hour duration of our regular safari drives. We thank you all so much for coming along on the safariLIVES journey with us. We hope to, maybe one day, bring safariLIVES back, but for now be sure to have your favourite snacks and drinks ready for one last episode of safariLIVES!

Image credit: Conrad Vandeventer