The Wahlberg’s eagles have returned and we all know what that means, summer is coming! As the sun rises earlier so we will head into the wilderness earlier. As of 15 September 2019 our sunrise safari will begin 30 minutes earlier than usual, while the sunset safari will remain the same. This is to make sure you are out in the wild when the animals are at their most active. Here’s to mornings spent with the new, playful Nkuhuma cubs, following our favourite leopards or enjoying an elephant sunrise. 

We can’t wait for the summer sun to shine down on the Lowveld once more, please be sure to check the new safari start times for your time zone below:

Sunrise Safari Start: 05:30
End: 08:30
Start: 04:30
End: 07:30
Start: 23:30
End: 02:30
Start: 20:30
End: 23:30

Image credit: James Hendry