Being part of the journey to transform WildEarth is certainly going to be more fun if we share it with our friends. Therefore, why not gift someone a Club Founder Membership?

As a member of this Club, they will get early and regular updates on what is happening in WildEarth, act as a focus group for new initiatives and ideas, will see LIVE streams from new products and locations first, get private access to special ‘town hall’ meetings with Graham, and more.

We are aware of many people who want to be part of this focus group but cannot afford it at this time. This is where you come in.

If you know of other dedicated WildEarth and safariLIVE fans that you think should be a member of the Club, you can gift them a membership. Just click on the WildEarth Club Gift Membership reward, complete the process, and then let us know your invitee’s name and contact information so we can invite them to the Club in your name.

Since yesterday’s update, we have 34 new backers which is fantastic. Please remember that everyone who has helped, whether financial or otherwise, is hugely valuable to our mission to continue connecting the world with our nature. You are all amazing and we could never do any of this without you!