As Graham has just shared, we have come to a point where we cannot keep the safariLIVE broadcasts going any longer. We have, therefore, had to make the painful decision to retrench most of our staff, including our guides, camera operators, directors, tech support and others in Djuma, Illovo and Cape Town. This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly but after some expected contracts fell through recently, it was the only responsible course of action open to us. If nothing changes, the final safariLIVE broadcast will be on October 31st, after which we would go off-air to give us time to pack and store all our equipment safely.

The prospect of having to say goodbye to the wonderful group of people, who’ve given their all to bring you your twice-daily dose of LIVE wildlife from Djuma and the Mara, as well as to you as our audience who’ve been with us for often many, many years is something we’ve had to do before, but had hoped to never have to do again. If there is a silver lining, it is that we did manage to come back bigger and better then, and we promise to keep fighting hard to do so again this time.

However, with your help, there could still be a way for WildEarth to keep broadcasting LIVE wildlife into people’s homes, schools, and hospitals! We are, therefore, calling on all those who have been and are supporting us to help us continue to ‘connect people with nature’. Our experience during the past 10+ years has been that when the chips were down we could always count on you, our viewers, to support us in whatever way you could. We are hoping that you will do so again.

Oftentimes you have asked us how you can help us pay our bills, and now you can! We have launched a crowdfunding campaign that, if successful, will allow us to keep working hard on finding a new solution as well as to keep broadcasting until Christmas. However, we are not just asking you to provide financial support, but rather are also looking for some of you to take up an opportunity to become part of a core group of viewers who will help shape the future of WildEarth; the ‘WildEarth Club’. For more details on how you can help, please check out our crowdfunding campaign at

We would love nothing more than to be able to show you Thandi’s cub(s) when she is ready to show them and to follow the ongoing adventures of the nine Nkuhuma cubs. We calculated that if we could raise about $100,000, this would allow us to do so. That probably seems like a high amount, but just $1 from each of our 100,000 Facebook followers, or 170,000 YouTube subscribers would get us there…

We don’t have much time though, we will need to raise this money by the end of the month. This, so we can plan ahead, provide more clarity to everyone and work with those who would be working on these broadcasts.  So, please, do check out our campaign at and help us in any way you can; whether through a financial contribution, or through spreading the word to others.

At this time, we want to thank all current and previous staff members for their hard work and dedication as well as you, our audience, for watching and your ongoing support. We will keep fighting the good fight and know we can count on you to help us where you can.

Thank you!!!