‘Thank you!’ to all who have supported us during the campaign that ended yesterday. The response from the WildEarth community has been overwhelming and we are deeply grateful. Whether you contributed financially, sent us ideas, created awareness, or provided moral support, we appreciate it all! The hallmark of a strong community is that everyone helps in the way that they can!

So, where to from here? We think the success of the campaign has provided us with enough time to find a structural solution to the financial challenges we currently face. It will also allow us to keep broadcasting throughout Christmas and into the New Year while we do so and to keep connecting you, schools, and hospitals with nature.

We will still be working on reducing our monthly costs as much as possible, which also means most staff will unfortunately still need to be laid-off as part of our company restructure. Those who are directly involved with the daily safaris have been offered freelance/fixed-term contracts in order to keep these going as we work with you on reshaping WildEarth.

As many of you have indicated, you would like to contribute or join the Club, but could only do so in November so we will leave the campaign running on IndieGoGo for a while longer in order to provide that opportunity.

We will start sending out the various rewards next week, as well as start engaging and communicating with everyone on the many suggestions shared with us and on what our next steps will be. And we will start working with you, within the Club but also those who are not yet members, on making our plans for the future. More details on this will follow soon.

Once more, thank you all very, very much. The WildEarth community is second to none!