On Sunday afternoon [23rd February 2020], WE are going to try something different – something a little less visual and more aural. For half an hour on the bushwalk, we will close the lens of the camera and head out to experience the wilderness through our ears – we will attempt to ‘see with sound’.  We do not yet know at what point during the Sunset Safari this will happen so stay tuned.

It will be a meditative experience where we’ll let sound create a picture of nature – bird calls, footfalls, a breeze in the leaves, the trickle of water, the grunt of a hippo, the snort of a wildebeest, the buzz of a carpenter bee. Then, if we come across an animal, James will describe what he is seeing quietly and in as much detail as possible so that you, the viewer, will be able to create a picture of the unfolding scene in your mind. 

The purpose of this exercise is to heighten our sense of hearing and develop a different path to connecting with nature and, in so doing, create a deeper connection.

So prepare to close your eyes, relax and let your mind be transported deep into nature this Sunday’s Sunset drive.