We have almost reached our goal!

Hello from lockdown day #5 here in South Africa. WE are thinking of all our viewers around the globe and hoping that you are all healthy and safe. WE are on the home stretch now for the crowdfunding campaign, with only about 14 hours left to reach our target of $71,500. We have reached 76% [...]

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An exciting new addition to our daily LIVE Safaris

As many of you know by now, South Africa is in a complete lockdown due to the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus. This is an incredibly uncertain and stressful time for all people across the globe and WE send our thoughts to all our viewers. While the world waits, we have some exciting news to [...]

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Daylight Savings for the UK and the rest of Europe

Daylight Savings means a WildEarth Schedule change for those in the UK and the rest of Europe. Daylights Savings has once again come upon those in the UK and the rest of Europe. Welcomed, no doubt, as it means the end of the colder months! As of Sunday 29 March, you will be entering Daylight [...]

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Join Graham for a Town Hall

WE have five days left of the campaign, and to date, we have raised $46,420 on Indiegogo and $10,000 through PayPal. In total, we have raised about $56,000 of our target of $70,000, which is incredible. WE are so thankful for this support during these tough times and promise to keep delivering our little piece [...]

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WildEarth And The Next Few Weeks

As we all know most of the world is either in or soon to be going into complete lockdown due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. South Africa is facing the same. From midnight on Thursday, March 26th, South Africa will be in lockdown for 21 days, until April 16th. We know many of [...]

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WildEarth Kids Sessions: Kids at Home

Recently the COVID-19 novel coronavirus has meant that many across the world are confined to their homes. While this is frustrating and scary for all, it is especially difficult for the younger generations and those with children. That’s why WildEarth has created the Kids at Home initiative. As many of you will know we often [...]

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Viewer update from Graham after today’s Sunset Safari – March 18th, 2020

Shortly after today's Sunset Safari, Graham Wallington will go LIVE with an update on WildEarth's current situation. This update will be broadcast on all our platforms; the wildearth.tv website, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Periscope. We will set this up as quickly as we can after the end of the Sunset Safari and aim to go [...]

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Cancelled – Sunrise Safari – 8th March

WE will be taking a slight breather on Sunday, March 8th 2020. The Sunrise Safari will not be taking place, but do not fear... the Sunset Safari will continue as per usual! The crew is a small team at the moment, and it is time for them to get a well deserved morning off. Please [...]

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Daylight Savings in the USA: March 8th 2020

As the northern hemisphere slowly moves towards summer, all of our viewers in the USA will be entering Daylight Savings on March 8th, 2020. WE wanted to put out a little reminder to those viewers that your adventures in the African bush will begin one hour later due to your time change adjustment Please check [...]

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