Hello from lockdown day #5 here in South Africa. WE are thinking of all our viewers around the globe and hoping that you are all healthy and safe.

WE are on the home stretch now for the crowdfunding campaign, with only about 14 hours left to reach our target of $71,500. We have reached 76% of this on Indiegogo, which is $54,500, and absolutely fantastic. In addition to this, we have raised $14,000 through Paypal as well, bringing our total so far to $68,500, 96% of the target. This is humbling. WE could not be more grateful to you, our fans during this incredibly tough time for everyone.

Today, WE would like to share with you a taster of what your reward could be if you contribute or have contributed via the Indiegogo campaign. (Also, if you contribute via PayPal, you can indicate which rewards you would like, too.)

Please have a look at one of our beautiful and relaxing HD wildlife clips (all shot while LIVE). At this globally turbulent time and in a quest to relieve the monotony of isolation, we have made a number of these stress-relieving videos which will bring the beauty of the natural world into your living room.

If you contribute $28, we will give you the option to choose one video from a number of different categories such as wild dogs, elephants, hyenas, leopards, lions and many more. For $50 you can choose two videos, $100 will give you the option of owning five and finally, $177 gives you all ten fabulous videos. They are between 5 minutes and 15 minutes long and all made up from footage WE have filmed while LIVE over the past five years.

WE hope you enjoy this sample that we have shared today. The theme for this one is ‘Small creatures’.

Once again thank you so much to all of you out there who have helped financially or otherwise so far. Without you, WE would not be here today. In the last 14 hours WE hope to tip the target, but please know that whether it is possible for you to donate or not, you are the reason why we can share the beauty of nature with the world.