As we all know most of the world is either in or soon to be going into complete lockdown due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. South Africa is facing the same. From midnight on Thursday, March 26th, South Africa will be in lockdown for 21 days, until April 16th.

We know many of you are wondering what this means for the daily LIVE shows and WE wish to reassure you that WE will continue our mission to broadcast two LIVE safaris per day for as long as we can. At this point, we have made preparations for a team that have not been exposed to the virus to remain at Djuma during the 21-day lockdown and continue broadcasting daily safaris. 

As of today we have reached approx 67% of our target and have raised about $46000. (This number includes both the IndieGoGo and PayPal amounts.) This is an amazing achievement, especially as so many people are facing incredibly uncertain times ahead. Again WE cannot thank you enough for all of your support whether it is financial or otherwise in helping to keep the LIVE safaris on air. They are the lifeblood of many people’s day especially now as we are all isolated at home. WE still have one more week left of the campaign and WE hope to reach our goal in this time which will allow us to continue broadcasting until the end of April by which time we hope that the world will slowly be returning to normal.

If we do not reach our target we will at least keep broadcasting from Djuma throughout the South African lock-down until the 16th April 2020. We are confident we can do so safely and we will have the revenue to do so thanks to all of you. 

In preparing for the lockdown, our main concern has been making sure we do not put our crew at risk by continuing our broadcasts. We have done so by restricting all movements into and out of our camp at Djuma for the past period to only those that are strictly necessary, and by vetting people’s histories before allowing them to come in. We have also built up our supplies of food and water, medicines, fuel, etc and will endeavour to keep a higher than normal level of reserve stock as we move through the next weeks.

Graham will be holding a town hall LIVE stream on Sunday 29th March directly after the sunset safari. He will update you all on our preparations for lockdown and our ongoing broadcasts and will be able to answer your questions or queries.

From everyone here at WE we want to thank you our family for the support you have shown us and for your commitment to keeping the daily safaris going. They are helping so many people with getting through these challenging times and give them something to look forward to each day.