As most of you know, Ribbon, who is one of our favourite hyena mothers here on Djuma, gave birth to two incredible cubs in March this year. Since then we have been following their lives as they have been growing up and exploring their environment. There is never a happier moment on the show than when our guides arrive at the den and there, jumping around, are the two little furballs.

Due to the fact that they are now 4 months old, we (and many of you) feel that it is time to give them names. We have consulted with the guides and management from Djuma and come up with four names that we feel are suitable and fall within our naming policy. Then, the final decision will be made by you!

The four names are:-

Xitwisi which means “very active”

Ximbulu which means “to have heart”

Nghwazi which means “adventurous”

Misavu which means “humorous”

The final decision is now down to you. Please vote for your favourite two names on twitter using #wildearth and we will carry out a twitter poll and announce the names of the hyena cubs on Saturday 11th July during the Sunset Safari.

Happy Naming!

Photo Credits: Lauren Arthur