After last year’s successful one-week broadcast of the wildebeest migration, WildEarth and CGTN are coming together again to bring you daily broadcasts from this unique spectacle. And this time for no less than thirty days straight! The broadcasts from the Maasai Mara will be enhanced by further contributions from South Africa and daily summaries. Furthermore, each day’s morning broadcast will not just be three, but a full four hours long! 

We are currently working hard, together with CGTN, to get everything in place for the premiere of Digital Safari [2020非洲野生动物大迁徙网络直播] on Monday, August 17th. This month-long series of 30 four-hour shows every day starting on Monday, August 17th will be broadcast simultaneously with our regular daily safaris. Both shows will feature the feeds from the migration in the Maasai Mara as well as those from South Africa. 

There is a lot to do still, but we’re on track. We are really looking forward to sharing the magnificent Maasai Mara with you all, and to getting reacquainted with the many characters we’ve come to know so well during the last few year’s migration broadcasts. 

WildEarth is proud to partner with CGTN in support of our mission to connect people with nature. Our previous broadcasts to Chinese audiences were very well received and have helped show the beauty of nature and the importance of conserving what is left. This time we will be doing two separate simultaneous broadcasts: Our normal daily Sunrise Safari on all the regular platforms, but with the Mara added in and four hours long. And Digital Safari on various CGTN platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Sino Weibo, TikTok, Yangshipin and others. Digital Safari will also include LIVE subtitles which will make it possible for even more people in China to jump on one of our vehicles and come along as we explore the Maasai Mara, Kruger and Kalahari.  

To prepare for this, we will be doing some tests this week before moving to four-hour Sunrise Safaris from Friday, August 14th onwards. The Sunset Safari times will remain unchanged.


We look forward to embarking on this adventure with CGTN and their viewers and know we can count on you to welcome them into the WildEarth community.