With our safaris showing up on more and more platforms, it is becoming increasingly difficult for our directors to keep track of all the questions that are being asked. Currently, we have one person dedicated in our control room to monitoring various YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter, Twitch and the email for Kids. For this reason, we’ve been thinking about ways to make this easier for them without making it more difficult for viewers asking questions.

We believe we have found a solution for this by creating a question box that can be used for this. This question box will be added below the LIVE safari player on the wildearth.tv site but that is not the only place you can go to ask questions. The question box can also be used as a pop-out window that can be open when watching on e.g. YouTube or Facebook. Regardless of where you are watching our safaris, any questions asked using this box will show up in one place for the director in our control room to monitor. 

For the time being, while we test this system and work out any possible kinks, our directors will also continue to monitor the usual locations. Over time we do aim to get to a point where this question box will be the main or only place to ask questions of our guides, but not now yet. 

As is the case on other platforms you will need to be registered and logged in to be able to ask a question. Should you come to the question box without being logged in, there will be a link to guide you to the login or registration page.

We would ask that you give the new question box a try and to start using it as much as possible for sending through your questions. You can find the question box on the wildearth.tv website under the player on the LIVE safaris page

Click here to directly pop out the question box

We look forward to receiving your questions through this new option as well as to hearing your feedback and suggestions